Power Tool carbon brushes stocked for all the main brands or power tools. We stock both our own range of European produced carbon brushes and OEM brushes. Obtaining Carbon Brushes for powertools used to be pretty straight forward. However as more and more Power Tools are made over seas the customer is often now left to the mercy of the importer if spare Carbon Brushes are available. Even well know brands including Bosch Black and Decker and Dewalt have many machines where the brushes are now only available when a complete replacement motor is purchased. At carbonbrush.co.uk we believe that if the Carbon Brushes are removable then they should be replaceable.


Cordless machines require DC carbon brushes and vary in copper content depending on the amps that the motor is pulling. As cordless battery power has increased then the DC Carbon Brushes have generally increased in their copper content to be able to handle the high amps. High end cordless machines quite often pull over 20 amps. OEM carbon brushes for many cordless machines are available but in a lot of cases the carbon brushes are only available as a complete unit complete with the motor. Solent Tools carry the widest range of powertool DC brushes available. It is not unusual that you may have to cut off or desolder the wire on your original brushes to remove and replace. If we haven't already got a known replacement pair of carbon brushes available we can manufacture for you from a sample.