Solent Tools have over 30 years experience in the importing exporting and procuring of carbon brushes and many other related products. From our Base in Southampton we are ideally placed to arrange shipping in and out of the Uk to anywhere in Europe and the rest of the world.
With the advantage of using suppliers based mainly in the UK but also from Europe and around the world we are able to put together carbon brush orders with short lead times.

We regularly receive a long list of carbon brushes with very little information apart from part numbers or maybe partial size information. We understand that carbon brushes can often be just an additional group of items on a long list of other items that a export procurement office may need to source. This is where our knowledge of power tools, garden machinery, auto and mechanicle motor systems can help fill in the missing information and at least allow a quote to be sent to the clients. From our own experience in exporting a wide range of products over the past 30 years a complete quote is always more likely to succeed that one with items not offered. Many overseas enquiries are for very old equipment spares where the original manufacturers have long gone. This is where Solent Tools experience in the Engineering and Power Tool business allows us to trace many carbon brushes and even remanufacture if required.

Solent Tools offer far more than just carbon brushes. Where there are carbon brushes there's normally a drive requiring bearings and or drive belts. Solent Tools offer a comprehensive range of drive belts and bearings for all for any type of motor whether it be a power tool, automotive, generator or marine based motor. We have full manufacturing options from one belt to 1000's of drive belts. We stock and supply all major brands of bearings